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As the biggest multi-sport games after the Olympic Games,
the Asian Games is the most prestigious event organized by the Olympic Council of Asia. Similar to the Olympic Games, the Asian Games are held every four years, with the 18th edition to be held in Jakarta-Palembang in 2018.


The Energy of Asia

The identity system’s criteria:


The first Asian Games were held in 1951 in New Delhi, India.
The Asian Games is a multi sport event for nations on the Asian continent, held with the purpose to enhance and strengthen the friendship between Asian nations as well as to display the spirit of unity and level of achievement taking place in Asian sports.
Thus it’s safe to say that the Asian Games were held to showcase The Energy of Asia.


The fourth Asian Games in 1962 was the first to be held in Indonesia. Our founding father, President Soekarno has been waiting for this chance since the first Asian Games in New Delhi, He had envisioned this opportunity to launch Indonesia into the international stage.
The 1962 Asian Games played a major role in Jakarta’s history, the city was transformed from a ‘big village to a metropolis city’ in order to host the game. There were many significant landmarks that were built to welcome the Asian Games, from our first broadcasting station, TVRI; Indonesia’s first international hotel, Hotel Indonesia; Semanggi bridge to Selamat Datang Monument; but above all of these, Soekarno’s vision was most evident in the building of the world class sport complex, Gelora Bung Karno with the main stadium as the centre piece.
The 18th Asian Games will once again be held in Indonesia in 2018.

Gelora Bung Karno

At the time of its completion in 1962, the main stadium (SUGBK) was the first of its kind with huge steel roof construction that forms a gigantic ring called temu gelang (joined ring).
For Soekarno, the role of GBK was more then just as a sports complex or to strengthen the bonds between nations through sport, but also to grow our own pride as a free nation. He had said “Asian Games is not only a sport competition but also an event to showcase a nation’s pride, sport can be used as a medium for character-and nation-building.”
Built for the 1962 Asian Games by President Soekarno, the complex is both a historical memento, and a national pride.


Based on the historical value and the legacy of our Founding Father, we decide to use the Gelora Bung Karno as our base to design the identity system for the 18th Asian Games 2018

Brand Narative

The identity’s mark (symbol) is based on the Gelora Bung Karno Main Stadium shape, with eight paths leading to the stadium and the Asian Games’ shining sun emblem in the centre.
We believes that when all these Asian nations come together for the 18th Asian Games, there will be a showcase of “The Energy of Asia”> that will radiates throughout the world. The multicoloured arcs are also evocative of the multi cultural nature of Asia and Indonesia.


The 18th Asian Games Logo comes in two version: the horizontal logo and the vertical logo.
Both version build upon two components : the colorful symbol with Asian Games shining sun emblem in the centre, and logotype with dark blue color. These two elements should not be seperated and must be used in all 18th Asian Games communication materials.